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About Wyne Tasting Bar

Why the Y? 

Y not?   We are unlike any other wine bar so we want to be unique both in our name and what we
have to offer.

Wyne Tasting Bar is a modern and stylish wine bar and wine retailer, with a subtle wine education
theme. Wyne Tasting Bar provides its guests with a unique wine-tasting experience featuring high-
quality wines, via an innovative self-pour wine dispensing system.
At Wyne Tasting Bar, every day is “Wine Tasting Day.”

Guests will have the opportunity to sample any of the 32 bottles of wine, available to purchase in: a
“taste”, half-glass or full glass. The ability of our guests to control how much of each wine they try, allows
for an autonomous, personalized, and unique wine tasting experience every visit.
Upon finding their favorite, our guests can stay and enjoy a glass or more, pair it with something to eat
from the light food menu, then purchase a bottle to take home.

The concept of “tasting” various samples of high-quality wine offers a uniquely interactive and heightened
overall experience unavailable in most bars or restaurants. As guests’ self-sample at their leisure, it
allows them to:

1. Easily change the wine they are drinking as their taste and mood changes throughout the visit.
No need to commit to a full bottle or even glass here!

2. Have confidence they will enjoy a full glass of wine before investing in one. No more slowly
sipping through an unpleasant glass of wine or making the embarrassing request to send it back!

3. Not be locked into purchasing a whole bottle, forcing them to drink the same wine all evening.
And no more facing the dreaded discussion over who drank the most and how to divide up the

4. Increase their wine knowledge by developing their palate through mini wine tasting events every
visit. No prior knowledge or experience necessary!

Wyne Tasting Bar’s guests can be new and beginner wine drinkers seeking a unique, fun, and
educational wine experience. Or, more experienced wine drinkers who want to heighten their enjoyment
of wine through an immersive experience. They are looking for a unique opportunity to sample and
contrast a robust selection of wines in one sitting.
It is important for our guests to know that “self-pour”/ “self-service” at Wyne Tasting Bar will never mean
“no service.” The team at Wyne Tasting Bar are knowledgeable about wine and are expected to check
in with guests frequently to ensure they are having an exceptional experience and receiving “first class
service” at all times.

Founder’s Story

Why create a Wyne "Tasting Bar"?

In her early 20’s co-owner Belinda often found herself embarrassed or frustrated when she went out with
friends who liked to drink wine. She wondered if there was just something wrong with her taste buds and
why she didn’t enjoy it the same way others did. Envious of the joy others seemed to derive from
pleasantly sipping a glass of wine, Belinda made a decision - to learn about wine! She quickly realized the
only way to do that was to try it and lots of it!

Not wanting to buy whole bottles only to hate it and pour money down drain, or worse make herself drink
it! She wondered - how can I fast track my knowledge and therefore enjoyment of wine without wasting
time, money and wine.

Belinda was a flight attendant at the time, which gave her the unique opportunity to travel all over
Australia. So, she made it her mission to visit as many wine regions and wineries as she possibly could,
wanting to go direct to the source, to try many different wines, listen to the wine makers and discover her
tastebuds and all her senses. While listening to the wine makers she learned some of the extensive wine
terminology which was very important to help Belinda connect more deeply to the wine tastes and
sensations. This then allowed her to develop her palate and learn what she liked and how to identify the
wine. And importantly once returning home this allowed Belinda to answer the wait staff more confidently
when they ask: what type of wine do you like??

Well not everyone can travel all around the country to have that “experience” to learn about wine – so she
decided to bring that “experience to the people”! Welcome to the Wyne Tasting Bar!