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STEP 1  Go to the CHECK IN COUNTER at the back of the room, under the large blackboard. Wait at the side for your turn to check in.

STEP 2 - Just like a BAR TAB, you will start an OPEN TAB; so have your ID and a debit or credit card ready to hand to the staff.   

             FAQdo you keep my debit or credit card? YES, just like any bar tab where you leave your card with the bar tender. You can pay with cash or Apple pay at the end.

STEP 3 - after providing your debit or credit card you will receive a 'Wine Card' that will activate the Wine Tasting Stations.  

             FAQdo I need to pre-load the card with a set amount? NO, the 'Wine Card' is an open tab. You will see the prices of everything before you make your selection and you will also see your running total throughout your visit.

STEP 4 - staff will give you a wine glass and show you how to use the Wine Tastong Stations.

           FAQ - what size are the portions: TASTE - 1.25oz, HALF GLASS - 2.5oz, FULL GLASS - 5oz

STEP 5 - Have fun, selecting and 'tasting' lots of different wine. Order food off the light food menu.

STEP 6 - when you are ready to leave, return to the COUNTER. Hand your 'Wine Tasting Card' back to the staff so they can read what your final balance is. This amount will be entered into the Point of Sale system, you will receive your debit or credit card. THEN YOU WILL PROCESS THE PAYMENT ON THE DEVICE IN FRONT OF YOU.

        FAQ - Can I pay with a different card or cash at check out time? YES, during your time in the bar, your card is not processed in anyway, it is simply held securely to ensure you return your 'wine card', in to determine what your final balance is.