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Private Event Space

Hello, and thank you so much for your interest in our 'private event space'.

We wish we could accommodate you all but unfortunately due to the significant increase in popularity we need to adjust our event space offering.

For anyone who has been to Wyne Tasting Bar you will know that the private event space is the second seating area in our wine bar and converts to the private event space by closing velvet curtains in the hall ways.  When this event space is booked out for a private event, the Wyne Tasting Bar's seating capacity is reduced by half.  As mentioned above, due to the increase in the bars popularity we are not able to forgo half of our seating in our peak hours, and as such we need to outline the following event space options and details:

The seating capacity of the private event space is 25 seated and 30 standing.


3pm-5pm - $80/hour *minimum spend

5pm-10pm - $100/hour *minimum spend


3pm-5pm - $100/hour *minimum spend

5pm-10pm - $120/hour *minimum spend


2pm-4pm - $120/hour *minimum spend

4pm-6pm - $180/hour *minimum spend

No events after 6pm


2pm-5pm - $180/hour *minimum spend

No events after 5pm


1pm-8pm - $150/hour *minimum spend

*Minimum spend to be created by purchase of food menu items and pre-loaded wine cards (or an open tab wine card/s which the host is responsible for closing and making up any shortfall on the minimum)*

**Event start and finish time must be agreed upon ahead of time, subject to availability & cannot end 30mins prior to the end of available booking window.**

***Outside cakes/desserts and some decorations are allowed***

IF YOU READ ALL OF THE ABOVE DETAILS, and your event will met these criteria, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

Cheers, the Wyne Tasting Bar Team


***NO RESERVATIONS - OUTSIDE OF PRIVATE EVENTS we do not take reservations, we are a WALK IN ONLY venue***